Download Our Latest Menu (PDF file). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read it. * Hot dish. May also be prepared mild upon request. V Vegetarian Dish Note: 18% gratuity charge will be automatically applied to parties of 6 or more.



1. GRATONG MEE KROP V Crispy noodles with sweet tamarind sauce in crispy baskets 6.95 2. TOD MAN GOONG Deep fried shrimp corn cakes with plum sauce 8.95 3. LAAP GAI* Chopped chicken with chili, basil leaves and lime 7.95 4. GAI TA-KRAI* Deep fried mini chicken drumsticks marinated with lemon grass and chili 7.95 5. PO PEA GOONG Shrimp mini rolls served with plum sauce 7.95 6. PO PEA JAY V Vegetarian mini rolls with sweet chili sauce 6.95 7. SATAY Beef or Chicken satay with peanut sauce 7.95 8. SAMOSAS V Deep fried mixed vegetable and curry wrap served with plum sauce 6.95 9. MOO PING Skewered marinated pork served with tamarind sauce 7.95 11. KANOM PANG NA GAI Chicken with egg, garlic, white pepper on bread served with plum sauce 7.95 12. TAOHU TOD V Deep fried tofu served with sweet sauce and ground peanuts 5.95 SP 1. KANOM JEEP Chicken and shrimp dumpling 7.95 SP 2. MEE KROP GOONG Crispy noodles with tamarind sauce, shrimp, crispy tofu and pickle garlic 8.95 SP16. PO PEA LUI SUAN The fresh garden wrap of herbs and vegetables with chicken OR shrimps 8.95


13. SOM TAM Green papaya salad with green beans, tomatoes and peanuts 7.95 14. YUM NUA* Grilled beef salad tossed with hot and sour dressing 7.95 15. YUM TALAY* Tasty mixed seafood salad 8.95 16. SALAD KAEK V Healthy vegetable salad with egg and peanut sauce 6.95 17. PLA SAMUI Refreshing southern tilapia salad with ginger and pineapple on lettuce 7.95 SP 13. YUM GAI Shredded chicken breast, cucumbers, scallions, celery, mint leaves, roasted sesame, sesame oil. 7.95


18. TOM YUM GOONG* Hot and sour shrimp and lemon grass soup 4.95 19. TOM KA KAI* Chicken with coconut milk, galanga and lime soup 4.95 20. TOM YUM JAY* Hot and sour mushroom and tomatoes soup 3.95 SP 14. TOM KA JAY* Crunchy cauliflowers and mushroom in coconut milk, galangal and lime 4.95 SP18. TOM JERD WOON SEN Clear soup with chicken, clear noodle, onion strips and cilantro garnish 3.95

House Specials

All main dishes are served with steamed jasmine rice 36. GAENG PED* Red curry roasted duck with tomatoes, pineapple and coconut milk 19.95 39. PED MAKAM Roasted duck with tamarind sauce 19.95 45. KRAPROW SPECIALS* Roasted duck OR grilled jumbo shrimp with chili and basil leaves 19.95 47. PLA LAD PRIK* Fried whole snapper with spicy chili sauce 21.95 48. NUA PAD KI MAW* Beef with lime leaves, chili and basil 15.95 55. PANAENG GOONG* Shrimps panaeng curry with green beans 16.95 60. PAD THAI GOONG YAI Thai noodles with jumbo shrimps and homemade tamarind sauce 16.95 61. KEOW WAN PED* Green curry roasted duck with pineapple, tomatoes, fresh whole peppercorns 19.95 62. PLA NUNG KING Steamed whole snapper with ginger, celery, shitake mushroom and pickle plum 22.95 63. PLA NUNG MA NAO Steamed whole snapper in lime (ma nao) and fresh garlic 22.95 64. PLA SAMOONPLAI* Grouper steak served with fresh herbal sauce (seasonal) 21.95 65. GAENG DANG PLA* Filet steamed snapper in Red Curry with tomatoes, sweet chilies, basil 19.95 66. GAENG KEOW PLA* Filet steamed snapper in Green Curry with lime leaves, sweet chilies, basil 19.95

Main Dishes

21. PAD PREW-WAN Sweet and sour pork OR chicken and vegetables 13.95 22. PAD PRIK HAENG* Sauté pork OR chicken with dried chili and cashew nuts 12.95 23. PAD KRATIAM PRIK-SOD* Sauté beef OR pork with garlic and fresh chili 12.95 24. PAD PHAK V Quick sauté mixed vegetables 12.95 25. GOONG KRATIEM Sauté shrimp with garlic and ground white pepper 15.95 26. GOONG SIAM Sauté shrimp with ginger, tomatoes and vegetables 16.95 27. GOONG SAM ROT Grilled shrimp cooked with tamarind sauce served with vegetables 15.95 28. PAD KING SAPPAROT Sauté pork OR chicken with ginger and pineapple 12.95 29. NUA PAD MAKUA* Spicy beef with eggplant and bean paste 13.95 30. NUA NAM MAN HOY Sauté beef with oyster sauce and vegetables 13.95 31. PAD KRAPROW* Sauté beef OR chicken with chili, onion and basil leaves 13.95 32. TAUHU LAD NAH V Sauté tofu with vegetables 12.95 33. GAENG PED GAI* Red curry chicken with bamboo shoots and coconut milk 14.95 34. GAENG PED PAK V* Vegetable red curry with coconut milk 12.95 35. KEOW-WAN GOONG* Shrimp green curry with eggplant and coconut milk 16.95 37. PANANG* Beef OR chicken panaeng curry, ground peanuts and coconut milk 14.95 38. MASSAMAN Beef, chicken OR tofu in massaman curry, peanut and coconut milk 16.95 40. SHOOSHI PLA* Filet salmon with coconut curry and ground peanuts 19.95 41. PLA SAM ROT Fried whole snapper with tamarind sauce 21.95 42. PAD PREOW WAN Fried whole snapper OR grilled jumbo shrimps with sweet and sour sauce 21.95 43. PAD KRAPROW TALAY* Sauté mixed seafood with basil leaves and chili 20.95 44. KAREE JAY V * Yellow curry with tofu, potatoes, carrots, onion and coconut milk 15.95 67. TOD KRATIEM Fried whole snapper or Jumbo Shrimps with crispy garlic 21.95 68. HOY TOD Mussels pancake with bean sprouts and scallions 15.95


49. KHAO PAD SI-EW Beef, pork OR chicken with vegetable fried rice 10.95 50. KHAO PAD KRAPOW* Shrimp, pork OR chicken with basil and chili fried rice 10.95 51. KHAO PAD TALAY Mixed seafood fried rice with garlic, peppers and vegetables 14.95 52. KHAO PAD SAPPAROT V Fried rice with pineapple and cashew nuts 10.95 69. KHAO PAD GOONG Shrimp fried rice with egg and vegetables 12.95


53. PAD THAI Thai noodles with shrimp OR chicken and homemade tamarind sauce 13.95 54. GUEYTEOW PAD SI-EW Broad rice noodles with beef, pork OR chicken and soy sauce 11.95 56. BAMEE MOO DANG Barbecued pork with egg noodles (with or without broth) 11.95 57. GUEYTEOW PAD JAY V Sauté rice noodles with mixed vegetables 10.95 58. BAMEE PED Crispy duck with egg noodles (with or without broth) 13.95 59. GUEYTEOW GAI Chicken noodle with crispy shallots (with or without broth) 10.95



Non-alcoholic Beverages

Saratoga Bottled Water (Still or Sparkling) Large 6.00, Small 3.00 Ginger Lemonade 2.50 Coffee, Cup of Tea 1.50 Ice Tea 1.50 Thai Iced Tea 2.50 Thai Iced Coffee 2.50 Soda (Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke) 1.25

Sake/House Wines

Koshu Plum Wine Bottle 18.00 Glass 5.00 Hot Sake Large 6.50 Small 4.00 House Wine (glass) Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Italian aperitif wine 6.00


Singha (Thailand) 4.00 Chang (Thailand) 4.00 Sapporo (Japan) 4.00 Sapporo Lite (Japan) 4.00 Heineken (Holland) 4.00 Corona (Mexico) 4.00



Served with either Soup of the day or House Salad with choice of home made peanut or ginger dressing L-1. TOD KRATIEM Sauté shrimps, Pork OR Chicken with garlic and ground white pepper 7.95 L-2. PAD KING Sauté Pork OR Chicken with ginger and onions 7.95 L-3. GANG KEOW WAN GAI * Chicken green curry with bamboo shoots and coconut milk 7.95 L-4. NUA NAM MAN HOY Sauté beef with oyster sauce and vegetables 7.95 L-5. GANG PAK V * Mixed vegetables red curry and coconut milk 7.95 L-6. PAD PAK V Sauté mixed vegetables 6.95 L-7. SOUSI TAUHU V * Spicy coconut tofu 7.95 L-8. KHAO PAD SI-EW Fried rice with beef, chicken OR Pork and vegetables 7.95 L-9. PANAENG * Chicken OR Beef panang curry with green bean 7.95 All dishes are served with steamed jasmine white rice


L-10. PAD THAI Sauté Thai noodles with shrimps OR chicken, bean sprouts and ground peanut 7.95 L-11. PAD SI-EW Sauté rice noodles with beef, chicken OR Pork, with egg and soy sauce 7.95 L-12. BAMEE PED Egg noodles with duck (with or without broth) 8.95 L-13. BAMEE MOO DANG Egg noodles with roast pork and bean sprouts (with or without broth) 8.95 L-14. GUEYTEOW GANG * Rice noodles in yellow curry with meat of your choice (pork, beef or Chicken) topped with hard-boiled egg, sliced tofu, shallots and peanuts 8.95

Chef's Choices

L-15. KHAO MAN-SOM TAM Thai favorite healthy dish comes in a set of: green papaya salad, skewered AND GAI-YANG grilled chicken and coconut rice. 9.95 L-16. PAD KAPROW GAI* Thai style dish of chopped chicken basil with rice and fried egg 9.95 L-17. PAD THAI MOO DANG Your favorite pad Thai with our delicious roast pork 9.95 L-18. KHAO PAD HIM MA PAN* Cashew nut fried rice with chicken and dried chilies 9.95